I’m Alive

Hey guys and girls.

I am still here in case you were wondering; work has been rather busy recently meaning I’ve not got the time to write as much. However, I will get back on it ASAP.



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Getting Somewhere

Time for an update on how step two and three is going…

The fine line between…

Alliance on Wildhammer (EU) and Horde on Vek’nilash (EU)

I’ve played two hours without meeting a single person I would call a moron, which would be nothing short of a miracle. There was a lot more than one person in the starter area, although, it might be unfair to set the bar so high with… one. Stormwind is rife with Alliance players, I will miss going for a nice quiet stroll in as a Horde. The starter area is dense with wildlife, but I can’t help think there is something coincidental about the word ‘dense’.

That’s it for now on that, I’m more than pleased with it so far. However, I only plan to do a quick update every ten levels or so, so don’t expect them too often; I’ll stick to healing as much as possible.

Requesting your assistance

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to request the assistance of anyone who can/will help me. What I need is nine people to sign my guild charter on my bank alt, but on Vek’nilash, it’s something of an impossibility.

So my plan is, on Wednesday 22nd, between 18:30 and 19:00 server time (17:30 – 18:00 GMT) on Vek’nilash (EU), my bank alt, Oppy, will be waiting in the Orc starter area. If anyone could create a random Orc to sign my charter, I would be more than grateful and would repay any way I could. If by some miracle, I get nine before that time ends I shall still wait there to thank anyone who turned up. I will also personally thank everyone on the blog too.

Hopefully see you Wednesday


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Most Disappointing Ending Ever

This is very off topic; however, I need to post something about it. I’ve been playing the game Traffic Jam for pocket pc for the past few weeks in my spare time. The object of the game is to get one particular car our of the jam while only being able to move the surrounding cars forward and backward, no turning at all. Not so much a sliding puzzle, more of a logic puzzle.

Anyway, I beat the game, 200 puzzles and this is what happened.

/complete puzzle #200

“Puzzle complete, tap to continue”

/tap screen

“Congratulations, you’ve completed 200 Traffic Jam puzzles, Tap screen to continue” 

/tap screen

/yell WHAT?!

It sent me right back to the start menu, where I could start the game all over again if I wanted. It’s not even as if it said I’ve completed all 200 puzzles. I ALLREADY KNOW I COMPLETED 200 PUZZLES THANK YOU!! There wasn’t even a silly animation, or scrolling credit, just… nothing.

I feel abused

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Opposing Factions

It’s strange, but since hitting level 40+ I’ve met a lot of other levelling players, both Alliance and Horde (not sure where they were all hiding levels 0-39). One of these meetings though, really annoyed me.

I don’t mind a bit of world PvP, in fact, I think it’s quite enjoyable, however, while fighting 3 NPC’s with half your HP left, it’s a bit sly to be attacked by a member of the opposing faction. Three flashes of light consumed me before I realised what was going on because I wasn’t expecting it.

I was livid, especially as they were one level below me. So much that I didn’t even bother with food and drink after I ressed, I didn’t even call my pet before I went looking for them. I soon caught up and dismounted on the move while casting hunters mark. They were being chased by two NPC’s on critically low health, as soon as they realised I was there, they went stealth (druid spell of some kind), obviously not realising I had hunters mark or how it worked; I happily shot them in the back.

I didn’t stop there though I decided to vent my anger three more times on this person for killing me, after that they just seemed to run off when I came near. Maybe that was too harsh? I don’t care, they deserved it.

Anyway, to the point of this post.

It seems that step two in The Big Plan has caused some offence. I asked a friend to join me on this venture and he was more than happy to come along, simply because after nearly 5 years he has never played alliance. However, another friend finds this very distasteful because of his hatred for alliance. He has threatened to transfer one of his level 80’s to our new server and gank us until we go back to Horde (Which would prove quite fun). To sum up his feeling on this…

“The player base is immature, the quests lack depth and the lore that the Horde does and they have gnomes with pink hair for Christ sake“ 

I do hope that Larísa doesn’t take offence to that.

That was the only thing I could get out of him though, as he didn’t want to comment on it at all, he just doesn’t like Alliance full stop.


Anyone who has watched the series Band of Brothers will remember in Episode 3 (I think), one of the men meets a German who lived and grew up just around the corner from where he did, but due to their parent’s nationality, they now fight against each other in the war. This is a great example of my belief in religion, race and any other conflict or opposite that ever existed. How can any side be wrong/evil when given the slightest change in who you are, could result in you being on the other side thinking that the side you are currently on is wrong/evil. There is no rational reason to think that the things you believe are the right things to believe. So a hatred for either faction I find hard to justify.

Even the film Ice Age 2 chips in on this subject. A mammoth who believes she is a possum because she was raised by possums, if she were raised by tigers she would believe she was a tiger. So how can her belief be justified?

What it comes down to is, why this person chose to be Horde in the first place. I chose Horde because my friends played Horde, if they played Alliance, Giarc would be Alliance. Could it be that the choice was entirely random all that time ago, and upon meeting various Alliance along the way, some of them killed him? On the surface you dislike that person (lets face it, no one is over the moon about being killed) but because that person represents the Alliance faction, sub-consciously, you grow a dislike for that faction.

Maybe it’s something I shall never understand, what having played for less than a year, who knows.

This won’t change the plan of course; I still intend to go ahead with step two, although being ganked every two minutes might affect how the plan goes 😉 Guess we shall have to wait to see how that pans out.


P.s. Is my belief that no belief is rational a paradox? Or just irrationa

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Good Healing Guide #1

Since starting to play WoW, guids on the internet have been a major part of the learning process; now it’s my turn to part with some advice.

The following guide and advice is the first of many for holy priests just getting into the raiding spot, you wont find specific boss guilds (maybe a few examples), what you will find is plain common sense that will see you plain sailing and becoming a comfortable healer.

  • Know your roll

It may seem like an obvious thing to say but it’s the absolute most important thing you should do in a raid. If you are in a guilded run, the raid leader will be competent enough to tell you what your roll is, if it’s a pug it’s usually left up to the healers to decide. You should usually find yourself grouped with all the other healers in the raid so use party chat and discuss with them who will do what. It certainly goes along way to having a set target rather than throwing heals all over, your mana will be thankful for it.

  • Know the other healers roll’s

If a healer dies – it can and will happen to the best of players – there is a high chance that other people will die too. Many people seem to over-look this while raiding, more often with PuGs than guilds. With the tanks in the raid, they automatically know that if one dies the other should be ready to get aggro. The same should apply to every healer, so that if one dies then you know what they were doing and if that needs covering.

  • Avoid Temptation

Have you ever seen an ambulance with lights and sirens going, you know why they are going that fast? No, it’s not because they’re in a race to beat the other ambulances to the scene, it’s because they have been assigned to that scene and have to be there as fast as possible. More often than not while raid healing you will find yourself with nothing to do, at this point it can be very tempting to send a few heals the tanks way. This has two damaging effects, first, the raid or someone in it might need a fast heal and if your focus is on the tank you could miss this. The second is the tank healer will not be able to maximise their efficiency with extra heals coming in unexpectedly. If the tank dies to the main tank healer, it’s better to get the problem sorted early rather than later on.

  • Prayer of Mending

I often see this statement on this spell

“Many peoples mistake is not having this spell up often enough” 

This couldn’t be further from the truth; it’s what I call a ‘Logic Based Spell’. The Spell has various uses, which are all defined by the situation and your assignment. The spell has its lease use (though by no means no use at all) while tank healing. The reason is, once you set it on the tank, it will go off somewhere else, which only under very certain circumstances it will return. In addition, if your keeping the tank topped up and raid damage occurs it will stay with the raid. It’s tank use come as a buffer; i.e. just before the tank runs in to take damage, or combined with another spell straight after for a big health top up, not much else. However, for a single heal, the mana cost to amount healed is poor so use sparingly.

As a raid use, its power is still limited, however, when the situation arises, it can shine quite well. The two factors that should determine its use are, how often does raid damage occur and how many people will be affected. If, for example, raid damage is burst and 10 seconds apart, you will manage a maximum of two heals, still not very effective for the mana used. The only time you will be able to get good use from this spell is constant raid damage. The best example of this is Saffron, who has a constant damage debuff on the whole raid, meaning it will get maximum jumps when ever cast. By understanding the damage mechanics of a boss, you should be able to calculate its effective use to determine when to use it, that’s why I call it a logic based spell.

That’s it for now, however, I will post more soon.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


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The Big Plan

Time to get my ass into gear, no pun intended.

With some inspiration from a few helpful people, I have drawn up a plan to sort out my WoW problems. Here’s the plan:

Step One. Get something to eat

I’m starving

Step Two. Find a More Populated Server

Now, on initial consideration of this plan I stumbled across several hurdles as follows.

1. I cannot stand to see another cloth drop, I might just go insane.

2. I don’t want, in any way, to neglect my current character Giarc.

3. I still want to level Oppy; it wouldn’t be worth just re rolling a hunter.

4. I’m just too fussy.

Therefore, the solution… roll an Alliance rogue on a new server. My reasoning is simple, despite sharing the same land; Alliance and Horde are worlds apart in story and questing. In addition, a rogue is a style of play I have never closely entertained. Combine those with all new names, faces and guilds and you practically have a completely new game, so I’ll have no reason not to play the ‘other game’.

Step Three. Call for Back Up

          This step is all about my bank alt on Vek’lenash and me humbly requesting the assistance of my readers, yes all three of you 🙂 What I hope to do is set a time and date where my banker (Usimba) will be waiting in the starter area for Orc’s. The request would be that anyone who can and is willing to help, create a random Orc to sign my charter. I was thinking of making a special post about it thanking all the bloggers who came to my aid. None of the help I receive would go unrewarded either; I would happily do anything to reimburse/repay the favour.

Step Four. G/quit

          There’s no sense in being in a guild that you’re trying to avoid and there’s no difference between being in a guild you don’t do anything with and being without a guild. I shall say my good byes and let them know I have no place there. Then it’s time to go shopping for a new guild, which I wont be a hurry too either. I shall look on the realm forums and see what’s there, and then trial out a few guilds to see if any fit.

Step Five. More Giarc Posts

          That’s what this whole blog was about

Hopefully, this should resolve my problems allowing me to once again enjoy the game as I used to.

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Problems that are Spoiling My Game

A post at the Casual Noob has me once again thinking of guilds, and my problems are getting to the point where it’s starting to spoil the fun in my game.

The first and most frustrating problem is my bank alt. I have been trying to create a guild for a while now, so that my bank alt can expand to a guild bank. The aim is to increase sales and ability to stockpile while at the same time creating a self-contained levelling system for future and current alts. I have enough materials to level a few professions quite far, and this is growing as I play more, however, these materials are starting to fill up every slot I can find as I’m running out of space. All my alts will be linked to this guild so they have access to all of the materials quickly. The problem is that I have practically been begging in trade to have people sign but I cannot seem to find one person let alone seven people (I think I know two people who would be able to help me out). I’m stuck for ways to solve this one.

My second problem is Giarc. I haven’t cast a single heal that wasn’t on a pet in weeks, that’s because Giarc is a little lost at the moment. Not quite sure where he belongs, if maybe anywhere. What I want most is a non committal raiding guild who isn’t tunnel vision on one particular raid instance, who still blasts round old raids just as much as new ones all in the name of fun, as and when people feel like it. Although, thinking about it, that sounds a bit like being un-guilded and PuGing :S

Am I putting way too much thought into it? Should I even worry about a guild? I have no idea.

If anyone could part with some advice, good or bad, all will be appreciated as I sure could use some.


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